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Brooke Banderas

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From humble beginnings as a boy, listening to the top 40 on a small transistor radio and dreaming of having his own number one hit one day, then moving on to playing with one of the top Rock bands in the world, ZZ Top. It has been a long but wonderful journey for Brooke Banderas! He started singing at age 7. Performing on stage at primary school. At age 15 he went to his first live concert and heard “Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs” play. From then on, he was hooked!

At 19 Brooke whilst studying at Adelaide University he joined forces with Greg Champion (famous for writing AFL footy songs and winner of the Tamworth Golden Guitar Award). About then, he formed his first band with Greg called “Tidewater” and recorded a Country rock album entitled “Wild Horse Plains”. Other bands that followed… ”Redeye” and “The Loops”.

Gypsy Senorita -The Dancer

Boundary Rider

After moving to the Gold Coast he became good friends with Lee Kernaghan (who often praised his original music) whist doing a residency at Sanctuary Cove (Q.L.D). Progressing to playing at major venues on the East Coast gave Brooke a chance to really refine his Rock, Country, Blues guitar playing and then found  a love for  Latin music and culture. Brooke’s guitar playing was heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Vince Gill, Eric Clapton and The Eagles. It is evident in his album tracks that he has convincingly joined the ranks of great players. Now a very accomplished lead and slide guitar player, made a formidable complimenting  match to his unique vocals style (smooth and warm with a slight rock edge when needed and tough and heavy for the hard stuff. All of Brookes songs are influenced by “real life” events.

Brooke Banderas’ “Boundary Rider” brings all that he is to the listener!

Gypsy Senorita – The Dancer, explores the inner depth of emotions and gives rise to that great Latin phrse: La muisca debe tener el Baile!

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