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Squeeze Records Australia

WHAT IS THE ART OF MUSIC?  Squeeze Records Australia is truly a “World Music” showcase. Keeping music in the hands of musicians, giving value to their musical knowledge and special talents. That is “The Art of Music".


Out of a desire to create emotive and lasting musical art, Squeeze Records was born. The need to nourish and support the creative spirit of musicians, requires more than the intention to do it, it requires action.


Driven by the diminishing regard for the long process involved in becoming a meaningful musician, united George Bruno and Ross Maio to take action. The combination of these two musicians coming together was ideal, and would open the opportunity to explore and support the underbelly of music.


Ross Maio has an unbeatable record of live performances that would make any other artiste jealous. George Bruno started his recording career at age 14 and continued to be in the thick of the recording scene, both as player and producer.


Q. When you take a tune, add a producer, combine those with a smashing performer, what do you need next?  

A. The showcase!


Ross Maio.jpg

Ross Maio

Ross received his  first accordion at age ten, by the time he was eleven he had progressed from playing at the family picnics to the local Greek Café at Etty Bay Beach. His musical tastes have been influenced by the cultures of Eastern Europe, music of Argentinian Composer  Astor Piazzolla, and electronic NuevoTango. Later discovering the intricate fabrics created by British & American pop, Jazz and the deeper roots of Western American music. And yes Rap works as the new form of cross-musical communication!


As a muscal artiste Ross went on to win many awards. In 1995 he was awarded the MO AWARD for Best Variety Instrumentalist (first solo Accordionist to win this award). He was awarded the Australian Club Entertainment Award for Instrumental Act Of The Year in 1998, 2004 and 2007. In July 2008 Ross was invited by Paramount Pictures to be featured on accordion with a 65-piece Orchestra at Sydney's State Theatre, to premiere the Godfather Symphony live.

                                                         Television: Performance  on  the  Midday  Show  with  Maria  Venuti. The Midday  Show  with  combined international                                                        Accordion  Orchestra. Channel 9’s Today Show, feature story on Accordion  Extravaganza  Night  at the Marconi                                                                Club. SBS Cabaret Series with Tommy and Orchestra. Mornings With Kerri-Anne and Commercials: Accordion tracks and jingle for Jamie Rigg, The Sandman in Siberia, Strictly Dancing, Edgells, Chanel Perfume, She Magazine, Raguletto, McDonalds, Coca Cola,Toyota,  Mercedes  Benz and too many to mention. (Visual  and  audio) - Pizza  Hut  - AMI Insurance Radio:  ABC Radio National,  interview  with  Louise  Adler  featuring  the  novel  by  Anne  Proulx:  “Accordion Crimes”.


Movies: ‘The Hijacking Of the Achille Lauro’ - Supplied an Italian Musical Trio (visual and audio)

Live: Featured soloist at Opera House Concerts with Tommy Tycho and David Gray. Royal Command Performance for the  Prince and Princess of Kent .                    

Tours: Performed and adjudicated at the New Zealand Federation of Accordionists’ National Competitions in Christchurch and Auckland respectively.

He has the supported  the internationally  renowned Scottish  tenor, Kenneth  Mckellar subsequently touring Australia and  New  Zealand. 

Produced:  That’s  Amore Show. Bavarian  Kabaret  Fest. Accordions  Of the  World. Great Divas & Maestros


Recording:  Producing tracks for Squeeze Records, including Ross Maio’s The Squeezer - Cocktails at Oasis-3 and Mondo Accordion – By Request.

International:  Hong  Kong -  Sheraton  Hotel, Singapore -  Hilton and Shangri-La Hotels, Arab Emirates - Dubai Sheraton Hotel, Also Tahiti, Mauritius, New  Guinea and New Caledonia.


Cruises:  Sailed the Mediterranean and the South Pacific waters on Cunard Lines - QE2 and Sagafjord, P&O  Cruises, CTC Cruises. Princess Cruises Lines, Norwegian Star. Sagarose and Japanese Cruise Ship Asuka.

Charities: Amnesty International, Handicapped Children, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Rotary Conventions, Little Sisters of the Poor, The Red Cross And Variety Club.                            

George Bruno - Producer


George has been involved in music since the age of 14 y/o.  Even though he was at the start of Rock in the early years, he soon developed a taste for Jazz and other styles of music that has lasted to this day.  His interest in Variety performance & Theatre led to him becoming one of Sydney’s most in demand orchestrators.  This developed into a long lasting career in recording and producing.  At present, George is operating a new record label which he has started with Ross Maio named – Squeeze Records Their aim is to record and promote Aussie talent, with the emphasis placed on using "Real Musicians" and supporting "Live Performers” as much as possible.

Studies:  Guitar, with Allan Pringle & Don Andrews. Advanced Jazz Harmony & Improvisation with David Levy. Piano with Allan Harbourne & Werner Friedrichs, Arranging and Composition Techniques with Howie Smith at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Studied The Schillinger Method of Musical Composition with William (Bill) Motzing.

                                                         The Player: George has worked with the cream of Australian and international talent. These include Peter Allen                                                               Robert Palmer, Johnny Mathis, Col Joye, The Seekers, John Farnham, Debbie Byrne, Howard Keel, Debbi Reynolds                                                             Reynolds, Julie Anthony and others.  TV work encompasses a wide variety of live and recorded shows. Among these are Hey Hey It's Saturday, Bert Newton Show, At Home Show, The Midday Show, Don Lane Show, the Jeannie Little Show, Bernard King cooking show, Naked Vicar Show and scores of others.


The Record Producer: The very first album he produced was Lee Conway's "Australian Country", which in 1973 won the Tamworth Country Festival "Best Album Of The Year Award". Those years that followed he worked as a freelance producer, working for various labels in the development of up-and-coming "new" talent.    He also had an interest in not only producing records but also in Song writing, writing Jingles and Stage and Television production.  These credits include the Producing, Arranging and playing on the now famous "I Still Call Australia Home” recording with the late Peter Allen.   For the 1988 Bi-Centennial celebrations he wrote and produced the songs "Australia” and Sunburnt Country (Tony Hatch Jackie Trent) as recorded by Kamahl.  George also created one of the longest running jingle slogans; "What a Great Idea... St George” which continued to be used for many years.  His discography includes recording with The Electric Chamber Orchestra-Morning Opus 1 and producing tracks for Squeeze Records, notably Ross Maio’s The Squeezer-Cocktails At Oasis 3 and Mondo Accordion – By Request.


Stage and Theatre:  George has been Musical Director for the original Australian theatre production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story.  Later, writing and producing "An American Dream", then came “ Martinis With a Twist”,  “Feelin' Groovy”,  “Fiesta Filipina Live”, “Italo Kanguri” and the popular original production of "Cliff & The Shadows", popularity all over Australia and overseas.  George has produced close to 950 corporate events and about 300 jingles. Every year since its inception, he produced the “Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s Freshest Ball”.  Most current is his involvement in producing and performing in  “Frankie 4 All Seasons”.


Credentials:  He is currently Vice President and Hon. Member of MAGA Inc. and was advisor to The Freshest Ball committee for Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. He spent a year on the Board of the MO Awards, raising funds and securing sponsorships.


Charities:   Handicapped Children, Salvation Army, Smith Family, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Lord Baden Powell Society, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Mitchell Library, Kids with Cancer Foundation, Leukemia Foundation.

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